Peter Rowan & the Free Mexican Airforce
Mill Valley, CA
September 22, 1990

Source : Realistic 33-1056A mic > Sony TC-D5M (Maxell MX C-100 w/Dolby B) (Recorded by Nathan Wirth)

Transfer : Nakamichi BX-300 > Sony PCM-M10 (24/48) (Transferred by Wes Meyette)

Editing : Sound Forge (tracking, volume) > Wave > TLH (sector aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - June 24, 2024

Tracked & posted by kingrue upload #4015

Here we have a brand new Peter Rowan recording being torrented for the first time.
This was also absent from the ETREE database until now.
The sound quality on this is very good and enjoyable.
Thanks to Nathan for recording all those years ago and sharing with us here.

Peter would change the band lineup from year to year.
During the band introductions I can’t quite make out who he’s saying the bass player and drummer are.
If anybody can tell us who they are, let us know.

Set 1 = 01:32:32
01 Panama Red (soundcheck)
02 Before the Streets Were Paved
03 Rainmaker
04 Seeds My Daddy Sowed
05 Dream of a Home
06 Tumbleweed
07 Barefoot Country Road
08 On the Wings of Horses
09 Dust Bowl Children
10 Meadow Green
11 Land Of The Navajo
12 The Gypsy King's Farewell
13 New Moon Rising
14 Midnite Moonlite

Set 2 = 01:16:34
15 Panama Red
16 When I Was A Cowboy (incl. band intros)
17 Break My Heart Again
18 I'm Gonna Love You (Like There's No Tomorrow)
19 The Ranger's Command
20 A Woman In Love
21 Dawn of Creation
22 Peter Talks
23 The Free Mexican Airforce
24 No Woman No Cry

Band line-up
Peter Rowan - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Lorin Rowan - guitar, vocals
Mike Love - accordion (Not from The Beach Boys)
bass player from Austin Texas (mentioned on track 16 @ 7:21)
drummer from Trinidad (mentioned on track 16 @ 8:07)