JamCruise Prince Party
Pantheon Theater
MSC Divina
Atlantic Ocean

[show] (70:15)
1. ...banter... (0:25)
2. Dance Music Sex Romance (7:09)
3. Partyup (6:56)
4. I Feel for You (6:26)
5. Controversy (7:37)
6. I Wanna Be Your Lover (9:42)
7. Head (10:37)
8. Erotic City (6:56)
9. Musicology (8:10)
10. Uptown (6:17)

The Band (as announced):
Lyle Divinsky - vocals
Adryon de Leon (Orgone) - vocals
Elise Testone - vocals
Casey Russell (Magic Beans) - keyboards
Craig Brodhead (Cool Cool Cool) - guitar
Chris Brouwers (Cool Cool Cool) - trumpet, keyboards, vocals
Michael Carubba (Cool Cool Cool) - drums
Greg Sanderson (Cool Cool Cool) - tenor sax, electric wind instrument (EWI)
Josh Schwartz (Cool Cool Cool) - sax
Digo Zambrano (Cool Cool Cool) - bass
Shira Elias (Cool Cool Cool)
Dan 'Lebo' Lebowitz (ALO) - guitar
Pauly? - keyboards
Scott Hachey (Magic Beans) - guitar
Chris Duffy (Magic Beans) - bass
Cody Wales (Magic Beans) - drums
Ricky? - trombone?
Kanika Moore (Tauk) - vocals
A.C. Carter (Tauk) - keyboards
Matt Jalbert (Tauk) - guitar
Neal 'Fro' Evans (Dopapod) - percussion
Isaac Teel (Tauk) - drums, vocals
Petar Janjic (Corey Wong Band) - drums
Kevin Gastonguay (Corey Wong Band) - keyboards
Yohannes Tona (Corey Wong Band) - bass?
Sammi Garett (Cool Cool Cool) - vocals

source: Golden Age Project FC4 mics w/ cardioid caps > Rockville 100% copper 20' XLR mic cables > ZoomH5 XLR jacks > Transcend 700S 285-mb/s 32gb UHS-II U3 class10 V90 SDHC card > audacity > you
location: FOB, 8' mic stand
taper: davpeterson
taper notes: sorry, the batteries gave out, missed a couple tracks.

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