Robben Ford
Baked Potato
Studio City, CA

Robben Ford
Russel Ferrante
Roscoe Beck
Vinnie Colaiuta


T1 Imperial Strut- Yellowjackets(Fade in)
T2 Take Out some Insurance- Jimmy Reed
T3 Band Intros
T4 ?
T5 I'm Talking about You- Chuck Berry
T6 Matinee Idol- Yellowjackets
T7 Don't Throw yourself on Me So Strong- Albert King (with Makin Whoopee Tease)
T8 Pass it on- Yellowjackets
T9 Help The Poor- BB King

The sound is a little "hot" and piercing but pretty good, overall-IMO. Vinnie Colaiuta is a grooving dynamic beast as only he can be.

Request: If anybody can upload the DVDs of The early Yellowjackets w/ RF from either Los Angeles 79' (Outdoor/Black& White) or the Montreux JF 81'- that would be great. There are teaser clips on youtube.