The Rolling Stones
Jazz Festival
Fair Grounds Race Course
New Orleans, LA

Taping Location: Stage right inline with stack, 50 meters from stage
Source: Schoeps MK4s > Babynbox > PCM-A10 (24/48)
Transfer: WAV > Reaper (EQ) > FLAC (24)
Length: 1:49:14


Start Me Up
Get Off of My Cloud
Out of Time
Let It Bleed (with Dwayne Dopsie)
Time Is on My Side (Kai Winding & His Orchestra cover) (with Irma Thomas)
Whole Wide World
Tumbling Dice
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Little T&A (Keith Richards on lead vocals)
Sympathy for the Devil
Honky Tonk Women
Miss You
Gimme Shelter
Paint It Black
Jumpin' Jack Flash
(Encore Break)
Sweet Sounds of Heaven
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Fantastic afternoon with the group seeing the legendary ROLLING STONES at Jazz Fest. Taped by the INFAMOUS LIL TENDIES whose work is well renown and highly regarded. Lil Tendies was inline with the stack and pulled the heat, capturing what it sounded like today. Some mild wind, audience chatter, whatever. Sounds great, thank you LIL TENDIES! A huge thanks to Daspy for the actives - cannot thank you enough!

Dear IORR people, this sounds fine as is and there is no reason to remaster or repackaging with MS Paint Artwork, its great as is thanks.

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