Rolling Stones
Soldier Field
Chicago, Illinois
June 27, 2024

Source: DPA 4060 => Tascam DR-2d
Conversion: WAV => Audio Cleaning Lab => FLAC (16-bit)

Location: Section 130, 1st row

Track listing:

CD1 (63:15):
(1) Intro (0:10)
(2) Start Me Up (4:15)
(3) Get Off Of My Cloud (3:51)
(4) It's Only Rock and Roll (4:50)
(5) Angry (4:51)
(6) Banter (0:48)
(7) She's a Rainbow (3:45)
(8) Wild Horses (5:08)
(9) Mess It Up (5:55)
(10) Tumbling Dice (5:42)
(11) You Can't Always Get What You Want (7:09)
(12) Band introductions (4:44)
(13) Tell Me Straight (4:05)
(14) Little T&A (4:14)
(15) Happy (3:42)

CD2 (56:27):
(1) Sympathy For The Devil (7:09)
(2) Honky Tonk Women (4:39)
(3) Midnight Rambler (11:59)
(4) Banter (0:27)
(5) Gimme Shelter (6:47)
(6) Paint It Black (4:49)
(7) Jumping Jack Flash (4:31)
(8) Encore break (3:01)
(9) Sweet Sounds of Heaven (6:04)
(10) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (6:57)

There are no fades applied to this recording; if you choose to burn to CD, the above splits are just a suggestion.

Comments: This recording captures the first of two nights of the Rolling Stones in Chicago on the last dates of the U.S. leg of their "Hackney Diamonds" tour. Great show, with a good mix of material from the 1960s through today, including four songs from their most recent album. Sound quality is pretty good but not great; I was in the front row of the section right off the floor at roughly the 50-yard line; as a result, there was minimal crowd interference (there was nobody in front of me) but I wasn't as close to the PA as I would have liked. Overall I was happy with this recording, and in the absence of other sources I would imagine that most Stones fans will be too.

In terms of performances, the Stones are always entertaining at this stage of their career, although there were some noticeable flubs. Listen to the opening notes of "Start Me Up" and "Satisfaction" to hear some clunkers from Keith. It's not the 1970s anymore but this band still delivers better than most rock bands a generation (or more) younger. Overall an enjoyable recording.

Check out the samples in the comments if in doubt.