Artist � Rush
Name � Kingdom of Fire
Media: 17 CDr (17 CDr SHN) (2 DVD SHN) � (yes 17 discs!)
Catalog: SMP-053-01 thru SMP-053-10
Source: Audience Analog
Quality: Various from crappy to real nice
Dates and Locations:
April 21, 1988 (soundcheck) � Birmingham
April 21, 1988 � Birmingham
April 23, 1988 (soundcheck) � Birmingham
April 23, 1988 � Birmingham
April 24, 1988 - Birmingham
April 26, 1988 - Glasgow
April 28, 1988 (soundcheck) - London
April 28, 1988 - London
April 29, 1988 - London
April 30, 1988 - London

Production Notes:

This has been three months in the making and it was well worth it, even if I will probably never listen to another Hold Your Fire show again. :) Seven shows, 3 soundchecks�. All the Hold Your Fire UK shows. Some of the shows are pretty good, especially the later dates. Most of the soundchecks stink but they do give the listener a brief window into the making of the show and are worth a listen at least once. There are a few cuts here and there, especially in the early dates. All in all though, this is a worthy addition to any collection.

Note � the artwork is designed to fit into started jewel cases as �separate� shows (which they are of course). Finding a 17 disc jewel case proved to be slightly difficult.

Special thanks goes out to Neph for the artwork, Gebs for providing the source and of course Mick for providing the tapes to Gebs

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.

Kingdom of Fire
April 30, 1988

Disc #1
Three Stooges Intro .42
The Big Money 5.57
Subdivisions 5.20
Limelight 4.38
Marathon 6.49
Turn the Page 4.59
Prime Mover 5.29
Manhattan Project 5.09
Closer to the Heart 4.24
Red Sector A 4.52
Force Ten 4.55
Time Stand Still 5.25
Distant Early Warning 7.20
Lock and Key 5.31
Mission 5.40

Disc #2
Territories 6.21
Medley 9.26
-Drum Solo
-Red Lenses
The Spirit of Radio 5.31
Tom Sawyer 5.11
2112:Overture/The Temples of Syrinx 6.17
La Villa Strangiato 5.24
In the Mood 3.04

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

Images for this show:

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