Steve Winwood- keyboards and vocals Mark Leford- trumpet and vocals Danny Wolenski- sax and vocals Paul Pesko- guitar James Hooker- keyboards Carl James- bass Bernie Davis- drums Carol Steele- percussion and vocals Dolette McDonald- vocals Great Woods Performing Arts Center Mansfield, Mass. September 6, 1986 runtime: 81:43 setlist: 1: the low spark of high heeled boys (just Steve on piano) 2:35 2: glad 4:15 3: take it as it comes 6:09 4: help me angel 4:18 5: freedom overspill 6:05 6: slowdown sundown 6:33 7: wake me up on judgement day 5:57 8: the finer things 7:15 9: my love's leavin' 5:37 10: while you see a chance 5:39 11: arc of a diver 6:18 12: Valerie 4:18 13: split decision 6:28 14: I'm a man (with band introductions) 10:10 this is the end of this recording. this may be the encore break and higher love the only encore, as it is listed in the etree list for the last song in the next night's show in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. although the N.Y.C. show of Sept. 12 mentions back in the high life and gimme some lovin' as the encores, after higher love as last song before encore, so those may have been played in that same order here too. I think that is likely the case. Steve and his band were in fine form for this show and gave an inspired performance, probably the typical full length 100 minute or so show. this recording seems to be complete up through the end of "I'm a man" so this is most of the concert. I can't find a part II, Either the master, or my copy of it could not be located. etree does not have any listing for this show at all. comments: this is a pretty good recording of a nice concert from the tour of Steve's 4th solo album, "back in the high life". not sortakinda, either, they play the whole album in this show and most of this tour. unfortunately this recording is missing higher love, the biggest hit, but far from the only big hit on that album, which has Randy Brecker, Joe Walsh, and Philip Saisse (from Al DiMeola's band) helping out. It has some rather minor tape source flaws in split decision, and may be missing some songs at the end but it's the 1st 14 songs of the show (very slight cut-in to my love is leaving after tape flip). not sure of the lineage of this but I believe it to be a 2nd generation tape copy from a Sony D-5 with Nak. 300 mikes Bill Koucky source recording. not sure, I got it awhile ago and didn't list its source on the tape. This is not the show broadcasted on Westwood One FM (that one was the 1988 concert here) the 1st 1 min. + of track 1 is mono (until 2nd mike is connected) and there's not alot of crowd noise, even though it was a nice performance and the crowd liked it. do not sell this recording. share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.