They Might be Giants
Barrymore Theater
Madison, WI

Synopsis for Latecomers
James K Polk
Damn Good Times
Meet James Ensor
The Famous Polka
Particle Man
The Darlings of Lumberland
Underwater Woman
Birdhouse in Your Soul
Let Me Tell You About My Operation
Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love (played live in reverse)
Moonbeam Rays


Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love (video played of earlier performance reversed!)
Don't Let's Start
Snail Shell
Working Undercover for the Man
Lie Still Little Bottle (with the Stick!)
Drown the Clown
Where Your Eyes Don't Go
Number Three
Can't Keep Johnny Down
Istanbul Horn Intro
-----encore 1----------
Doctor Worm
-----encore 2----------
When Will You Die

SOURCE: Edirol R09HR (with CA9200 preamp and CA-Omni mics clipped to shoulders)
LOCATION: Approx 8 feet out from stage, dead center

NOTES: I should have stood nearer to the stack but my daughter wanted to see, the fills weren't quite strong enough to push
vocals to the center but it did improve after the first handful of songs. The horns are quite loud the first couple
songs as they were literally right in front of us on those songs. Same venue I saw them for the first time in 1990. And
have seen them here a ton of times over the years with my first master recording of them in 1994.