Tray Wellington Band
The Magic Rat
Fort Collins, CO

Source 1: Soundboard->mogami gold xlrs->zoom h8 @ 24/48
Source 2: Neumann Km 183's (on stage, split 10')->mogami gold xlr->Mix Pre 6 ii @ 24/48
Source 3: Schoeps cmc1k/mk21 (on stage, ORTF)->Mix Pre 6 ii @ 24/48

CF->Audacity->Soundforge->cd Wave->TLH->flac 16
tagging in mp3tag

taped, tracked, & transferred by discocape

This recording turned out fabulously which is great because Tray and his band are impressive.
These boys can really pick and have a good time on stage, go catch them live!!!

01. instrumental
02. I'm Going Back to East Virgina
03. band intros
04. instrumental
05. Wasted Time
06. instrumental
07. joke banter
08. Steam Powered Aeroplane
09. instrumental
10. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
11. instrumental
12. Gray Owl
13. Will
14. Virginia In June
15. Give Us Mood
16. Lift Up Every Stone
17. instrumental
18. Ginseng Sullivan
19. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
20. Mood in Motion Part 2
21. Pursuit of Happiness
22. Not Fall Around
23. Train 45

Thanks to the Magic Rat and the band for allowing live recording.

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