Chi Chi Club
San Francisco, CA
October 29, 1988

Source : Realistic 33-1056A mic > Sony TC-D5M (Maxell XL-IIS) (Recorded by Nathan Wirth)

Transfer : Nakamichi BX-300 > Sony PCM-M10 (24/48) (Transferred by Wes Meyette)

Editing : Sound Forge (tracking, volume) > Wave > dBpoweramp Flac 8

Traders Den - July 1, 2024

Tracked & posted by kingrue upload #4026

Here we have a brand new source recording being torrented for the first time.
This was also absent from the ETREE database, until now.
The sound quality on this is very good and enjoyable.
Thanks to Nathan for recording all those years ago and sharing with us here
Zero played three sets this night.

Set I = 52:30
01 Supersonic Transport
02 Baby Baby
03 Many Rivers to Cross
04 Tear Tags Off Mattresses
05 Ridin' with the King
06 Little Wing

Set II = 66:17
07 The Core
08 Tangled Hangers
09 Try a Little Tenderness
10 Greg's Eggs
11 My Baby's She's So Fine
12 The Golden Road

Band line-up
Greg Anton - Drums
Steve Kimock - Guitars
Banana - Keyboards, Vocals
Bobby Vega - Bass
Martin Fierro - Saxophone

The vocals on My Baby's She's So Fine are Paul Liberatore.
The improv vocals on Golden Road are Jerry Joseph.

The other source is this:
Sennheiser 441's->Marantz PMD 360