This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 13252

Grateful Dead
Selland Arena,
Fresno, California

1st set: SBD>?>C>SHN
2nd set: AUD>MC>C>D>CD>EAC>SHN

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - //Bertha -> (6:45)
102-d1t02 - Good Lovin' (6:00)
103-d1t03 - tuning (2:26)
104-d1t04 - Dire Wolf (4:54)
105-d1t05 - Mexicali Blues -> (3:31)
106-d1t06 - Big River (6:55)
107-d1t07 - It Must Have Been the Roses (7:55)
108-d1t08 - Passenger (4:43)
109-d1t09 - tuning (3:00)
110-d1t10 - Brown Eyed Women (5:21)
111-d1t11 - tuning (2:34)
112-d1t12 - The Music Never Stopped (8:01)

--Set 2--
201-d2t01 - Samson & Delilah (8:15)
202-d2t02 - Friend of the Devil (9:21)
203-d2t03 - Sunrise// (3:26)
204-d2t04 - Terrapin Station -> (10:05)
205-d2t05 - Playing in the Band% -> (27:20)
206-d2t06 - Wharf Rat -> (10:57)
207-d2t07 - Sugar Magnolia (9:44)

--disc 1 total time--62:12--
--disc 2 total time--79:12--

The first set is provided by a slightly degraded SBD that may have a few
analog generations. The 2nd set is provided by a very good audience

--at least a minute is missing from the beginning of Bertha
--the last few seconds of Sunrise are cut
--minor splice in Playin'

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002

Thanks to Hanno Bunjes and Chuck Kiefe
final edits/encoding by JCotsman

Flac encoding notes:
All processing with Trader's Little Helper
Shn - st5 generated
Shn > Flac ( level 8 )
Flac - st5 generated and matched to Shn st5

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It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac
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B. Proctor 2-27-09