How the search works

Search results will show up under the DeadVids - Streaming Video window.

The Search is never case sensitive!

Without double quotes:

Each word that is entered must exist somewhere in the html setlist file that goes with the show.
These words can appear anywhere in the file and in any order, but all must be contained in there
somewhere. (Except noise words. See below)

So if you search like this:

then the word 'grateful' and the word 'dead' must be in the setlist, but they do not have to be in the
order entered. Other setlist from other shows other than dead shows may meet this criteara and
would match. So this search does not mean you will only get dead shows for results. It means
whatever matched has the words 'grateful' and 'dead' in it's setlist. This applies from one to any
number of words contained in the search.

With double quotes:

The exact phrase of words must appear somewhere in the html setlist file that goes with the show.

So if you search like this:

then both words 'grateful' and 'dead' must appear in the setlist but also have to be right next to each
other and must appear in the order specified. So only setlist that have 'grateful dead' in it's text
would match.

With and Without double quotes:

It is also possible to do something like this:

Now remember only one phrase in double quotes can be in the search but always any number of
words not in quotes can be used. This search would return all shows that have
'Alpine Valley Music Theatre' as an exact phrase in it's setlist, and the setlist must also
somewhere in it contain the words 'phish' and 'sbd'.

You must really just play with it. Some of my favorites are song titles with double quotes around

Try These Examples:

Note: All noise words are thrown out of the search when not using double quotes and
searching for a phrase. Microsoft SQL server does this automaticly when performing full text indexed
searches in the database. The list of noise words is below. If a noise word is entered within double
quotes then the noise word is included in the search and is needed for a match.

So if search like this:

Then the word 'the' is thrown out of the search because its a noise word, and the words 'grateful' and
'dead' are used in the search as specified above.

Typing in:

is exactly the same as typing in:

List of Noise Words that can get thrown out:

about 1 after 2 all also 3 an 4 and 5 another 6 any 7 are 8 as 9 at 0 be $ because been before being between both but by came can come could did do each for from get got has had he have her here him himself his how if in into is it like make many me might more most much must my never now of on only or other our out over said same see should since some still such take than that the their them then there these they this those through to too under up very was way we well were what where which while who with would you your a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z