A Grateful Dead themed section exists within the online Virtual Reality game Second Life. Darkstar (pdf)
It is incredibly well done and well worth spending some time in exploring. Over 10 years of effort have been put in to create this online masterpiece.

From time to time I play classic albums in the Parking Lot section of the DarkStar VR and invite friends and fans of SugarMegs to attend.


How To:

Here are instructions to get in to Second Life and explore the DarkStar VR.

Go to http://secondlife.com/ , register for a free account and create your Avatar.

Then go to http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/ and download and install the viewer for your OS.

Open Firestorm and log in to Second Life using the login and pw you created at http://secondlife.com/

Once in Second Life you can paste this into the command line at the top of the Firestorm window and hit enter:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DarkStar/125/59/26 (Paste it, don't click this link)

That will 'teleport' you into the DarkStar region of Second Life and put you next to the Bus in the Parking Lot. Explore the place, you will probably be all alone in there so don't be shy and have a look around! There aren't really any others around until special events happen.

Be sure to click the music note in the upper right hand corner of the Firestorm browser to enable the sound. Any questions can be directed my way. (peter at furthurnet dot org )

I hope to see you there,


You can watch us here when we are live from Darkstar. Better yet, COME JOIN THE PARTY!
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